About this blog

This is a work space for an anthropologist with an unusual love for museum collections and an idealistic faith in the potential of digital museum catalogs as something that could give collections more life.

I currently use this space as a blog for my Smithsonian Fellowship project “Making Digitized Collections Useful“. I am now back in my home town Oslo writing up this project and looking for new jobs -preferably closer to home, but that can be moved to interesting museums anywhere:)

The short title “(More) Useful Collections” is meant to be short for: more user-friendly, more open for user contributions, more widely used and -in my understanding of the word- more interesting and useful museum collections online and offline.

The name of this blog is naturally inspired by “things” in a very wide sense (see Wikipedia for instance), from the concrete objects of archaeology to the virtual objects of digital enviroments, social doings and things we say. Or as I would say, something seemingly “artificial”, yet very human. Made by Man;)

The current photo header is based on a photo of one of the touch screens in the exhibition “Living Our Cultures, Sharing Our Heritage” of the Smithsonian’s Artic Studies Center at Anchorage Museum.


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