Carol for another Christmas and new year (and new possibilities!)

As I hastened home from town after some last shopping I noticed a middle-aged man walking unsteadily, barefoot in far too big shoes, and holding up a winter jacket in front of him, like a little boy carrying a star in a Christmas parade. Just as I tried to pass by him he turned and said with lights in his eyes: ”Nice jacket, right?! Christmas present for my son!” The jacket was of an expensive brand and judging by the man’s appearance it looked far too nice to be something he could have bought. I just answered ”Oh, yes, nice!” and walked on. I felt uncomfy thinking that he must have stolen it and even more by the thought that his son probably will think the same…and with that blow out the stars in this father’s eyes.

And this is Oslo 2011. In one of the richest countries in the world, home of Santa Claus and the Nobel Peace prize. In a cosy little capital where a terror attack last July provoked not so much shock and anger, as public display of love, compassion and words about how we are all family. Five months later most of us still feel uncomfortable talking to strangers and there are just as many people living on the street. Some of us even criticize the government for a little temporary shortage of butter because of people trying a fat slimming diet!

And this is me. Thinking big thoughts and doing little about them.

But as I wanted to say to that man with the jacket: I really hope you will get a Merry Christmas and a even Happier New Year.

(And hopefully I will get to do a little more in 2012.)


About olaugirene

antropolog med forunderlig kjærlighet for museumsstøv
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