Talk: How a glocalisation study on Rapanui youth became an exhibition on an archaeological exhibition and an interest in museum digitization…or something like that

Wednesday I gave a little talk in the Department of Anhtropology in the NMNH, trying to explain why I’m doing this fellowship. I like the long titles of the accounts of early voyages of discovery, which often have every place visited and thing seen in the very title of the account -so therefore such a clumsy title. As for the content I started by showing the audience part of the documentary “Mana Rapa Nui!” (2010) and explained how being a Norwegian anthropologist on Rapa Nui got me involved in producing an exhibition on an earlier Norwegian expedition to the island. That in turn confronted me with questions about Rapanui museum collections abroad (especially in Norway), their managament and accessability. And from there the way to thinking about the possibilities of digitization can be short, but that was only the beginning of this project. Getting collections online can be called digitization, but how can digitization make collections more useful?  I’ll talk about that in the next talk, Monday.


About olaugirene

antropolog med forunderlig kjærlighet for museumsstøv
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