Can tagging be an answer?

I found this little post from the Smithsonian Collections Blog quite refreshing. It is written by a colleague interning at the Smithsonian Gardens (not in the gardens I hope, as the weather is still melting hot) and it adresses an important issue for collection databases.

Smithsonian Collections Blog: I call it Pop, You call it Soda.

To find something and make something findable is easier when the online user and the people behind the screen agree upon what objects are called. Sounds easy, but even the most everyday “thing” (and maybe especially those objects we use all the time) can have different names and spellings in the same language.

The challenge is naturally multiplied by every additional language of a database and can be complicated by the cultural politcs of who defines what.

Is tagging an answer?

And speking of the sun, turns out also the Smithsonian is now opening up for letting visitors tag in their collections databases🙂


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